Sony S540 mp3 player

Sony S540 mp3 player is new variant of sony mp3 player. Sony lets gone the common road of putting in a few newly features but allowing the rest the equal and these time it is a speaker, voice recording and a flip stand that are the fresh improvers. The rest is the same previous Sony setup with a 320x240 screen, h.264 video, MP3/WMA/AAC sound and a battery life of 42 hrs for sound and 6.5 hrs for video. it bequeath come 8GB and 16GB capacitances.

Sony's way of updating their players certainly does not make that more reason for celebration with apiece upgrade switching just the figure and one or two features. These is the 4th generation MTP-capable "Sony mp3 players" and you will not notice a lot of differences from the 1st generation, which is a fine thing for people who do not prefer to upgrade only it can't comprise that fine for Sony since well, people will not upgrade. And so, whenever you are a soon-to-be Sony user or only truly need an upgrade, there's a speaker and voice recorder in it for you and not more other. Sony S540 mp3 player for me is not diferent with older sony mp3 player variant

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