Flash Mp3 Player

Flash MP3 Player is a service to play song on your web. Flash mp3 player can skinnable using your web tool like xml format. oke, this one is free and trial a on E-Phonic service flash mp3 player. The E-Phonic MP3 Player is a FREE skinnable MP3 player that plays MP3 files on your website.

Main E-Phonic Flash Mp3 Player features for your website, here ..
* 100% skinnable using XML
* 4 realtime visualization effects (click to switch);
* Loads XML playlists or single MP3 files.
* Can be controlled by JavaScript
* 4 high quality skins included!;
* Small file size;
* Created for the optimized Flash Player 9;
* Online documentation;
have fun for your Flash Mp3 Player

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